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Animations Made Easy creates attention grabbing, lead generating videos for businesses big and small. Not only that, we have taken out all the confusing steps and pieces of the puzzle needed to create out of this world videos that speak your language everytime! Sound great to you? I bet it does! Let's get you started with our next generation technology today! And start to watch those leads pour in!


If you’ve always wondered how some businesses get so many conversions from their online marketing campaigns...Then stick around!

The answer is VIDEO MARKETING……Videos convert much more than any other means of content marketing or content delivery media….why this is so, is logically simple:  

Which would you rather go with, a long post or a beautiful animated video delivering the same content?  

With 100% certainty, I know your answer is VIDEO, and we do it in style here!

Undeniable Facts...

80% of marketing professionals report video converts than any other medium.

A Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021.

By 2022, online videos will make up +82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15x higher than 2017.

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. 

The modern customer wants to see your product or service in action… and thus, Video marketing captures a wide audience that even the laziest prospects can consume your content easily.

I can go on and on... 

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day… and Over 400 million people spend at least one minute on social network’s video platform each month, with more than 75 million people doing so each day.  

100 MILLION hours of videos per day are watched on Facebook.  

All of this proves one thing... 


But Wait a Minute...

Sure! Video Marketing converts like hot cakes BUT it is not easy to design and development modern and relevant video content.

Making good and high converting videos ISN’T a NO-BRAINER affair...It requires a lot! You’ll need:

Premium tools with which to create stunning and animated videos

Expertise in video editing so as to achieve that professional feel for your video contents

You’ll need experts in video content marketing for profitable video promotional campaigns.

Instead, Get Start With the Team at Easy Made Animations Today!


 It's more than just putting a video out there. The question is… will it speak to your target market???  

But think no further… that’s why we are here.  

We have put together a collection of scripts all written with copywriting formula's created by the world's absolute best and most well known copywriters, were talking the BIG DOGs of the copywriting world. This way, no matter what your message is, we will chisel it into your viewers minds with the worlds best copywriting techniques. 

Animations Made Easy doesn't stop there though, we offer you a full service ride to having new customers begging for your product or service after connecting with them with a video that spoke their language.

We have an arsenal of advanced and premium video creation softwares… to roll out that perfect animated video that won't just look good but convert too.

We command a seasoned and battled tested team in video editing and video content marketing... Our records speak volume!

Here Are Some of Our Service Types

Dentist Office

Ecomm Store

Fitness Studio

Retail Shopping

Special Events


Can't Argue With the Numbers!

YouTube is the second most popular website after Google

Users view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube.

59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of watching a video.

By 2020 there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second.

Ready to take advantage of this absolute industry game changer?

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